Three Leaf Garage Light TRI LIGHT

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It would be perfect to install this powerful light-sensing lamp in your garage, garden, utility room, studio, barn, attic, display area etc.

Deformable Design:Three aluminum LED panel heads can be adjusted, each light head can be folded up to 90°. The maximum coverage angle can reach 360°, This will make the light cover a wide area.The lighting is adjustable so that you can angle the LEDs to shine where you want them.

Super Bright:80W, 9600Lumens, 6000K Cold light,no dark areas, ghosting or glare. Garage led Ceiling Light throws out an amazing amount of light, unique wide-angle design, bring best lighted area. High lumens output makes this garage led light perfect for garage, warehouse, basement, barn, office, station, Attic, workshop, display area etc.

Easy To Install:Garage light fixture is easy to Install, no tools required, no wiring, just screw it into a normal lamp receptacle. However, this garage work light brighter than a light bulb.Note that it works great in a standard light socket(E26).

Long Life& 85% Energy Saving Premium Aluminum alloy heat dissipated, high-temperature resistant, along with the hollow-out structure greatly improved cooling efficiency for maximum performance and over 50,000 hours of constant runtime.This 60W Garage Light can replace a 300W traditional halogen bulb, maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Detector Aids With Safety The motion detector that’s built into each of these lights will aid with the safety of you and others around your home in various situations. Aside from lighting your way as you approach your light on foot, the light will detect the motion of vehicles as they approach. Therefore, you’ll be able to see super-clearly as you enter your garage on wheels at night.

If you hang one of these lights directly outside your home, it’ll also detect the movement of potential intruders, including animals that may do some damage to your lawn.


  • Question: What voltage does it use? Can it be used in my country/region?
  • Answer: Three-Leaf Garage Light™ is multi-volt and is compatible for all 110/120V & 220/240V regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia.
  • Question: How do you turn off its motion sensing function?
  • Answer: Screw it fully into the socket, it is controlled by your existing wall switch or socket pull cord.
  • Question: How many lumens is it rated at?
  • Answer: 7,200 lumens~12,000 lumens.
  • Question: How long does it last?
  • Answer: Three-Leaf Garage Light™ is rated for a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, providing reliable light output for years.
  • Question: What’s the energy usage?
  • Answer: Three-Leaf Garage Light™ draws only 60W – about the same as a typical incandescent light bulb.

Turn power off before inspection, installation or removal as with classic bulbs.

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I installed 2 of these in my new garage. I was very pleased with how much light that I now have. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a brighter garage or basement.
so great!!! I need another motion sensor installed on that staircase!!
Yes, it's very bright. But for a large area, I recommend buying two, the effect will be amazing. I plan to buy another one in my kitchen, because I need one there.