Neck, Shoulder and Leg Massager With Heat REVIVE

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You can’t put a price on good health. Our massage pillow has been shown to improve overall health and wellness in 2 weeks or your money back guaranteed.

Made of high-tech strong components, the massage is designed to be used on all areas of the body, including Neck, Shoulders, Upper and Lower Back, Legs and Feet. It can be used at home, at the office or in the car.

Relax your neck, shoulders, back and legs after a long day!

Enjoy a deep kneading massage that helps release muscle tension and relieve stress.

No need to book an expensive appointment at the spa when you have the Revond massage pillow!

This shaitsu pillow can help penetrate tired muscles and reach deeper tissues to help you enjoy the ultimate massage experience…whenever you want, wherever you want!

Use it on your Neck, Shoulders, Back, Abdomen, Legs and Feet.

Powered with 8 rotating heated balls that move clockwise or counter-clockwise…just like a real masseurs movements.

Has adjustable speed setting so you can get the perfect massage.

This is the closest thing to getting a professional massage right in the comforts of your own home!


RELIEVES SORE MUSCLES: Powerful 3-dimension Deep-Kneading Shaitsu Massage Nodes relax overused and tight muscles (Automatically changes direction); Advanced heating function soothes aching muscles and can be turned on & off with ease.

VERSATILE:Ergonomic and compact pillow massager fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas.

CONVENIENT STRAPS: Adjustable Multipurpose Handle Straps allow adjustment of pillow during massage, or can be used to secure the massager to your favorite chair.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: The massager needs to be plugged into a wall plug for it to work. It is not a rechargeable massager. Power adapter works with both 110v-120v & 220-240V electrical outlets

SAFETY PROTECTION: Automatically powers down after each cycle (15 minutes). Also programmed with a 20 minute auto shut-off to ensure safety.

8 ROTATING HEATED BALLS: 8 powerful heated balls to provide a deep tissue massage. Most massagers on the market are only equipped with 4, 8 gives a far superior massage.

MULTIPLE SPEED SETTINGS: Choose the speed that suits your massage needs.

How to use:

  1. Turn on the power button once
  2. Choose the desired speed by pressing the speed button
  3. Wait for a few moments for the heating action to warm up
  4. Choose the body part you want to target, sit back and relax while the cycle completes


  • Deep kneading massage nodes
  • Ergonomic design with an ultra-slim body
  • Adjustable design that can be easily strapped on chair
  • Soft and springy massage balls
  • With heating function
  • Automatically powers down after each cycle (15 minutes)
  • Automatic transfer Clockwise and Counter clockwise


  • Input/Output: 100-240V – 50 / 60Hz. DC12V
  • Dimensions: Approx 33 cm x 21 cm x 18 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Can a massage pillow damage your neck, back or other areas?

Answer: No it will not! In rare cases when a massage is applied too hard you can have issues, however the REVIVE  massage pillow has been designed to provide the optimal pressure for fast relief of aches and pains.

Question: Is a massage pillow good for neck, back or shoulder pain?

Answer: Yes, massage pillows are a proven way to improve many types of neck, back and should pain, and is often one of the first treatments people should try when they are experiencing pain in these areas. Get the full experience at home!

Question: What body parts can it be used on?

Answer: It can be used on your Neck, Shoulders, Upper and Lower Back, Calfs, Legs and Feet.

Question: Can it be used on an office chair?

Answer: Yes! It works well on an office char.

Question: Can it be used while driving?

Answer: Yes! It works great while driving and includes an adapter for your car cigarette lighter.

Question: Is the cover long lasting and can it be washed?

Answer: Yes! The cover is long lasting and washable.

Question: Can it be used without the heat option?

Answer: Yes! You can turn off the heat option, refer to the user manual.

Question: How long should i use it for?

Answer: Massage pillow works on 15 minute cycles, you can safely do 15 minutes on any body part you like.

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Mnenja: 3
I absolutely LOVE this product. I've had it for almost a year and it still works fantastic! Now, a few tips. 1) Add a towel on top before using. It does get warm, but not unbearable but it's mostly to help with the pain of the rollers. I can handle pain pretty well in my back from a massage but feel more comfortable with a towel. 2) For a deeper massage, lay on the floor or a bed (still using a towel). I find that laying on it rather than using it in a chair works far better for me. I adjust it and move it around to hit the knots. I honestly don't know what I'd do without this thing!
So everyone that comes to my apartment asks why I have this. Everyone is a skeptic. But then at some point they get curious and try it. And two hours later, I have to make sure they're not trying to sneak it home with them. I use this almost every day. I have very lax joints, especially my shoulders, so I tend to hold my upper body a little strangely. That, plus sitting at a desk all day, means there's plenty of muscle tension to work out, and this massager does a great job. It really gets in there. I use it mainly on my neck, upper back, shoulders, and mid-lower back and find I really have to adjust the angle and position around to find the right one. But once I do, it's perfect. The first time you use it, expect to feel a little sore the day after. But with time I'm really convinced that it makes a difference.
I don't usually write reviews, but I had to for this one...I bought this on a whim the other night because I've been working out like crazy and have knots in places that a foam roller and lacrosse ball just can't reach. I got home from a workout and saw my package had arrived. I ended up laying on my couch for 45 minutes getting a massage before I even thought about showering...This thing is amazing.