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This little unit gives you peace of mind by
being able to make a sweep and detect a wide
range of illegal spying devices including hidden
wireless cameras, GPS trackers, digital
recorders, etc.

Don’t kid yourself and think you live a private
life from anyone listening or watching.

With the rampant spy cameras these days, it
becomes unsafe to live outside home.

You don’t want to live in an airbnb or hotel
room and then later find yourself and your kids
in some website for sale.

Get peace of mind

Using this device to scan your home, hotel
room, airbnb, car, office, will give you a great
sense of security.

How can you use it?

This is perfect solution for anyone who is
concerned that they might be a victim of illegal

RF Signal Detection

When it detect the eavesdropping devices or
spy camera, the front LED lamp of the detector
will light up, and there will be vibration and
sound alerts. It has Ten levels LED indicator,
the closer to bugs the more noise and the
higher LED level.

Camera Lens Finding

The back of the detector is equipped with six
high-brightness laser lights. Click GS buttom to
turn on the laser light. Peering from the front
window you can see reflection of spy camera

Magnetic field detection

Search for any magnetic field with the
magnetic field sensor probe and if you find it
, the LED light at the front of the probe will be on
and the vibrator or buzzer will work. The signal
intensity indicator will be fully on indicating that
there is a magnetic field or something
suspicious near the probe.

Detectable devices

  • 1.2G to 5.8G wireless hidden camera
  • pinhole camera
  • spy camera
  • ip camera
  • monitor
  • surveillance device (even on standby mode)
  • 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM card bug
  • GPS locator
  • car tracker
  • eavesdropper

Where can you use it?

This little gadget is very secure way to save
your privacy. You don’t have to be afraid of
any hidden cameras or spy devices anywhere
you go.

Motel, Hotel Airbnb…

Motels, Hotels, Airbnb-s or dressing rooms are
most likely under surveillance. Using this
Camera detector, hidden camera, spy cam and
bug can be detected accurately.

Meeting Rooms

Can be used in offices, important business
negotiations, confidential meetings, Protect
your conversation and keep your business
secrets safe.


This signal detector would be your best choice
to find out the car tracking device, GPS signal
locator. You will never be tailed again!

Lover and Couple

This hidden camera finder would provide safe
dating place for couples.

Traveler Backpacker

From place to place, this signal detecting
device give you piece of mind.


It can also detect intense radio signals
radiation around your home, whether there is
strong electromagnetic radiation leaks from the
household appliances, such as computers,
radio television etc or abnormal high magnetic field.

Protect Your Privacy

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Henry K.
I tested this detector against 2 systems: CDMA GPS on a Sprint system and Arlo Pro 2. This detector performed really well for retail product found on the internet. For the camera antenna sweep on Arlo (hidden) cameras, the sensitivity will need to be set a bit higher to not needing right up less than 2" from it. This is a recommended buy to sweep Air BNBs and hotels.
Sophia L.
I travel a lot for work and stay in hotels weekly. I always see stories of hidden cameras and am a little paranoid of someone watching me. I just got this and took it with me this week to check out my hotel room. Took me a little bit to feel like I was using it properly and re read the directions a few times, but it was great to have peace of mind after sweeping my hotel room with this!
Jenna K.
Received my order today on time. The packaging is quality and the unit itself is very well made. I played around with it all day. It's easy to use and gives me great comfort to have this professional grade detector. I travel a lot for work and I plan to take it on all my stays at hotels for peace of mind. I would definitely recommend this product!