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Do you get twitchy on flights? Restless legs? Cold feet? Have no budget for first class with fancy footrests and beds?

As airplane seats and their surrounding spaces shrink from square feet to square inches, any help getting comfortable is important.

If your legs always get numb, then you need the Comfy Hanger!

Just hang it on the food-tray and pop your feet inside. Adjust the length to fit behind your calves or under your feet. It will erase all the fatigue from your body!

Testing of the Comfy Hanger shows very minimal disturbance to the passenger in front and with the extra comfort, you wouldn’t need to lean your seat back. More room for the person behind!

Now you can finally sleep well on flights and watch movies as you do at home.

Experience first class in coach with your Comfy Hanger!


  • Ultra-Soft Memory Foam For Comfort
  • Highly Adjustable Length (Almost till the Ground)
  • Easy To Use
  • Lightweight (60g)
  • Compact Carry On (25cm x 8cm)
  • Perfect for Numb/Restless Legs
  • Car Backseat Usage

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This has probably been the most useful travel item I've ever bought. Better than foot rests that collapse and disappears into the nether regions under and around the bottom of the seat!
This saved me on my first international flight (10+ hrs). It was nice to be able to put my feet up, turn my legs to the side and have them supported, or just have one foot in, whatever. I tried this out after a few hours and slooooowly put my feet into it so I didn't bother the person sitting in front of me. I am 64 cm tall and it worked perfectly for my height but not sure how it would do for anyone taller.
I bought two of these. One for me and one for my boyfriend. We both enjoyed it very much!