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Imagine a collar that stops your dog from barking aggressively and uncontrollably, a long term behavior solution, not just a quick fix and without any shock or harmful techniques.

Effective and Humane

BARKY really reduces barking, without causing your dog to feel painful or distressful. Combining the beep sound and vibration in one unit makes it possible to correct the barking habit effectively, and there is no harm to your beloved dogs.

Progressive Behaviour Correction

Starting with a warning noise, the collar increases the duration of its vibration until your dog stops barking for thirty seconds. This increasing deterrent is the most effective method of electronic bark correction for small and medium dog breeds.

Rechargeable and Waterproof

Forget about changing batteries. BARKY is USB rechargeable and it’s waterproof too, so you’ll have no problems using it outdoors

Adjustable & Comfortable

Tjis Collar is suitable for dogs between 11 to 120 LBS (5-55 KG) with a neck size from 9′ to 22′ (23 to 56 CM)

Package Includes

  • BARKY Collar
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Bark Training E-book

Please read and follow the instructions in the manual.

  • Proper fit of the collar is important. The strap should be adjusted so that one finger can fit comfortably between it and your dog’s neck. Check the fit of the collar to prevent excessive pressure.
  • If you know you will not be using the device for a long period of time, we recommend powering off the collar.
  • The two vibration probes are hypoallergenic to accommodate both long- and short-haired dogs. We take care only to use materials that are safe for your dog.
  • Check the sensitivity level, reduce it if the collar responds to the third-party noises or increase it if it does not detect your dog’s barks.
  • If the collar does not work properly please try recharging it for 2 hours, perhaps the charge is not enough and the collar does not sound properly or make constant noise instead of corrective sounds and vibrations. If it beeps but not vibrates, recharge it.
  • Do not forget that after collar reacts 7th times it will initiate a one-minute hibernation mode which is accompanied by a constant red LED-indicator.

BARKY is suitable for dogs weighing 5kg to 50kg with a neck size from 23 to 56 cm. If the dog’s hair is too long around the neck, it is recommended to cut it short to avoid affecting the silicone vibrators.

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It doesn’t even bother her!! I’ve literally had this collar for 5 hours and I cannot believe it!!! I have a blue nose pit that is extremely friendly, but extremely loud when neighbors dogs come out. This thing fixed it. Thanks!!
I`m really exciting of this product.We have a little dog and he loves barking anytime and everywhere.No matter what we do-he still barking.So,after using a lot of vibrating bark collars,I decided to use this one after many of good reviews. I put it the same day it comes,and when the collar provide vibration-my dog even don`t bark!!!
Our dog never requires more than the “beep” setting and first vibration setting. We only put the collar on occasionally when he barks excessively or when we need quiet. I appreciate that this collar doesn’t hinder his play etc, even though he’s small.